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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or “How I Turned to the Dark Side”

“ I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.” – Luke Skywalker

So, with great trepidation, I saw The Last Jedi.

To all of the readers of my post on The Force Awakens, you both know I wasn’t a fan.  Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I really liked this one.


For the most part, my complaints with TFA were addressed in Last Jedi (I guess they read my blog).  Leia’s character was well-developed and more along the lines of what one would expect from her.  The only thing I found silly was when she started flying through space.  If one is familiar with the books, it does fit with her strength in The Force, but I’m not sure that came through as clearly in the movies.

The light saber battle in TFA between Kylo and Rey has been explained pretty well.  I still think there’s a big plot hole there:  Proficiency with a light saber is about technique augmented by The Force, and technique takes training and practice.  She needs both.  Sure, she can fight with a staff, but staves and swords are different weapons and require totally different training.

I appreciate the reference to the Jedi Temple, and Luke’s attempt to rebuild the Jedi Order.  That was a HUGE issue for me in the last movie.  Why in the world would Luke be out in the middle of nowhere when he should be out rebuilding the Order?

There are still some issues fans have with the movie, and most are legitimate:

  1. No backstory for Snoke
    I agree with this.  I was curious to see who Snoke was and how he came about.  I mean, how did he turn Ben Solo into Kylo Ren?  How did he start The First Order?  These should have been explained, and other entire story lines (Finn/Rose, anyone?) could have been cut to make room.
  2. Luke Skywalker attacks Ben Solo
    I agree with this, too.  Luke would NEVER have tried to kill a student.  But, here’s the twist:  He didn’t.  The version given by Kylo Ren is different than the version given by Luke.  According to Kylo, Luke attacked him in his sleep.  According to Luke, he was tempted to, but didn’t.  Which is the truth?  Well, I think I trust Luke more than Kylo.  Also, I can see how the devastating consequences of a momentary wavering of his conviction would cause Luke to abandon his role as Jedi Master and choose to live as a hermit.  To me, this was believable, if not what I wanted to see.
  3. Luke’s death
    I didn’t like this.  First, it was ambiguous… was it suicide, or did something involving his encounter with Kylo kill him?  Or, was it just the sheer effort required to pull off that kind of force projection?  That needed explanation.  Also, I don’t think Luke needed to die.  Rey needs training… and she’s not going to get it from the books she stole from the tree (even Yoda said the books don’t have the right info).  It would have made more sense, in my mind, to have Luke survive and join up with the rest of the resistance so he could train Rey.  Then again, it does take death to turn a hero into a legend.  So, maybe this plays out in the third installment.
  4. Humor
    Fans complain about the humor being forced and “un-Star Warsy”.  I disagree.  I thought the humor was well done.  I liked the “crank call” at the beginning because it fit Poe’s personality.  Also, I laughed out loud to the pilot’s response in the scene where General Hux argues with Kylo Ren about Kylo descending to the surface to face Luke.  On the other hand, it did kind of turn General Hux into a buffoon, so maybe the fans have a point.
  5. Finn/Rose
    I honestly thought there was no point to the whole Finn/Rose plot line.  It’s kind of like Raiders of the Lost Ark.  At the end of the day, nothing Indiana Jones did mattered.  The Nazis got the Ark, God killed them and the US Government recovered it and stored it away.  Indiana Jones didn’t even need to exist.  Ditto with Finn and Rose.  Their mission failed completely, the skimmer attack was unsuccessful and even Finn’s attempt to valiantly sacrifice himself didn’t work.  So, what was the point?  They could have sacrificed that entire story and used the time to answer a lot of questions from the first movie, namely:  Snoke’s origin and rise to power, Rey’s parentage, Kylo’s turn to the Dark Side and the Knights of Ren, the fate of Luke’s other students, etc.  Quite frankly, Rose didn’t need to exist and killing off Finn would probably make things simpler in the next installment.

Even given the complaints above, I have to admit I liked it.  I walked out feeling like it was a good movie.

I also thought it was a good Star Wars movie, and that’s a different thing altogether.

Star Wars: The Forced

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.” – Yoda

So, I finally saw the new Star Wars. I’m going to see it again. I’m trying not to put spoilers in here, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet (who hasn’t?), then don’t keep reading. For those of you who had any doubt about my level of geek/nerd… well, allow me to introduce myself….

Some thoughts:

  1. I thought Daisy Ridley was perfect for the role. She’s a very pretty girl and has that “cute as a button” kind of look. I’m glad they didn’t push that.. in fact, pretty much everything they did with her went the opposite of “sexy”. Great decision.
  2. For the most part, good writing. Great mix of humor.
  3. John Boyega did a great job. Big fan.
  4. I love how the movie looked. It looks like Star Wars. Episodes I, II and III? Those don’t look like Star Wars.
  5. Political intrigue? None. Thank God.

Overall? I’m incredibly disappointed. It could have been so much better. Granted, it’s not Jar-Jar/Ewoks bad, but it’s not great.

  1. This movie has so many plot holes, it’s ridiculous. Deus Ex Machina much?
  2. Harrison Ford did a pretty poor job – I don’t think he really cared.
  3. Carrie Fisher has had so much plastic surgery, she can’t even move her face.
  4. Leia used to be a passionate leader and fighter. Now? Ugh. I swear, in every scene with Leia, I thought I was watching an old Western and she was the grizzled rancher giving out sage advice to the “young ‘uns”. All she needed was a six-shooter and a cowboy hat.
  5. Light sabers? Meh. Kylo Ren’s “rough fiery” blade… I guess he didn’t have a lot of help building it? Must have had a really poor quality crystal.
  6. Kylo Ren did something that Vader, Palpatine, Skywalker, Kenobi, Windu, etc. couldn’t do… but, pretty much sucks in every other way when it comes to using the Force. I sure hope this kid gets some training.
  7. I’m REALLY hoping that of the three people who used light sabers, one person in particular ends up being a Jedi, because otherwise that person has no business being able to go toe-to-toe with ANYONE who can use the Force.
  8. The whole premise for the bad guy weapon and base is absurd. Not to mention, could someone please explain to me how that planet has trees and how anyone could walk on the surface of that planet and survive?
  9. Apparently, Storm Troopers don’t need water to survive. Either that, or the TIE fighter crashed about 30 minutes outside of town.
  10. I sincerely hope the “epic” light saber battle was a demonstration of two people who had no training whatsoever. I mean, I know one of the people had no training… but the other?
  11. Kylo Ren had better become a total bad-ass. Because in this movie, he’s basically a weenie.

I think Story Group made a HUGE mistake throwing out all of the previous Canon, especially when it could have fit so perfectly into the new continuity. Luke’s history rebuilding the Jedi Order? Han and Leia’s relationship? Jacen Solo becoming Darth Caedus? I’d LOVE to see a movie with the Yuuzhan Vong!

I’ll watch whatever Disney puts out, of course. But, in my mind, this is an alternate continuity.

The original canon was better.